If you are thinking about suicide, call now.

Talk to someone who listens. It’s the first step to feeling better.


It's OK...

to feel sad about a breakup, a divorce, a loss

to feel upset sometimes

to feel down about your job

James Espinoza

“The ripple effect from one death from suicide,
as I’ve experienced
it in my family…
it’s immeasurable.”

“If I had just reached out to my family or to my friends instead of isolating myself and trying to come up with a solution that really wasn’t a solution... 

Thank god I wasn’t successful. Because that would have been devastating to more people than I could have imagined.”

Erik Kramer
Former NFL Quarterback

“When my mom told me that my father had died by suicide, I felt like my life had ended.”

Laurie Woodrow

“That’s the thing I used to think about all the time, that if I took my own life, it would be better for my family. 

But I didn’t see that in reality it would actually hurt them a lot more.”

Anthony Rodriguez

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24/7 • Confidential

Rick Mogil, Program Director
Didi Hirsch Mental Health Services

“We’re not alone… Sometimes we have to seek professional help, and we shouldn’t be afraid of that.”

Or text HEARME to 839863

Talk to someone who listens.
It’s the first step to feeling better.

James with brother Ponce Espinoza (on right)

Laurie Woodrow with her father Paul

Rick's brother, Ed, with granddaughters

But it’s not normal to feel that way all the time, or to want to harm yourself.


Or text HEARME to 839863

If you are thinking about killing yourself, call the confidential Suicide Prevention Lifeline anytime at:

Talk to someone who listens. It’s the first step to feeling better.

•  Not sleeping well
•  Not eating well
•  Feeling sad all the time
•  Feeling that you are a failure
•  Feeling isolated

Depression can be due to many reasons, including stress, genetics, medical conditions and medication side effects.
It can leave you feeling out of balance in a number of ways.

•  Feeling uncontrollable anger
•  Anxious all the time
•  Feeling that you have no energy
•  Taking more risks than normal
•  Feeling hopeless

Talk to your healthcare provider or call the Ventura County Crisis Line 24/7 at 1-866-998-2243.

If you're...

Men often feel as though we need to be strong, take care of others, not ask for help. We don’t always realize that prioritizing our health – both mental and physical – can be the best way to show our commitment to family and loved ones.

Danny Saldana

“In the aftermath of my brother passing away, it was just dark and filled with questions. You just didn’t know if the answers were in front of you or if there was anything you could have done.”

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•  When you're alone and not rushed
•  Ask if they're thinking about ending their life
•  Listen
•  Be respectful and caring
•  Learn more about what to say: 
Know the Signs

Concerned about someone?

If They Say Yes

•  Help them remove guns, pills or other means
• Call with them:

        • Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255
        • Or text HEARME to 839863
•  Go with them to mental health services or an emergency room
•  See more resources: 
Preventing Suicide – Help & Hope

Stay Connected

•  Check in regularly.
    Studies show that staying connected with someone who cares makes a difference.
•  Support them in creating a safety plan.
•  Learn more about safety plans: 
Suicide Prevention Lifeline and My3App.org